Pause for Thought presents certified MBSR course

MBSR-Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction programme delivered by Mindful Miss Zen

Headingley Beckett Park Campus, Leeds, January 2017. Enrolling now : start date to be confirmed


Are you a professional, a holistic therapist, or someone who want to learn mindfulness?

I will teach you all the fundamentals of how to use mindfulness practice to reduce stress and anxiety, mindfulness empowers you to take control of yourself and your emotions

What you will receive:

You will receive 2 hours of interactive teaching each week, combination of mindful meditations, youtube presentations, exercises for you to practice at home. You will also be encouraged to keep a mindfulness journal to chart your learning.

This is an in depth course so you will leave knowing all the information you need to know to begin to embed mindfulness practice into your life and include the principles within your own practice and business.


Full course cost £277 includes all teaching, materials and coaching with Miss Zen.

£77 for unwaged and for students with valid Student ID.




This course is delivered and facilitated by Miss Zen: Emma Roberts BA(Hons)DipPsychPsych clinical expert in Mindfulness and guest lecturer, Managing Director of Pause for Thought


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