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Mindfulness Drop in Practise Groups

Join us in our friendly and authentic mindfulness community, we have 2 led meditation practises and a sometimes quiet / sometimes jovial tea break.  Attending these sessions can be viewed as an introduction to the mindfulness courses we will be running later in the year. The Rumi Reflection Group is our newest class – using the poetry of Rumi, one of the greatest mystic poets, to reflect on our own lives.

All our drop ins are now £6/5 conc except pay as you feel at Kirkstall Abbey.




Please feel free to drop in to our Kirkstall Abbey colonel north room mindfulness drop in on Tuesdays at 1.45pm. It’s a Pay as you feel event and we thank the community curators, Patrick and Sarah for working with us so we can deliver this service to local people.

Some Tuesdays we don’t meet. Please ring ahead or email Steve to confirm if you are a newcomer. Get in touch

Days / Times

Tuesdays 1.45pm – 2.45pm

Kirkstall Abbey

Colonel North Room at Kirkstall Abbey main site (not museum)
West Yorkshire



Wednesday Drop-in mornings continue.

A deeply rich session covering meditation led by Steve who “has a great depth of understanding of meditation and empathy, making him a great meditation teacher for those with experience and those without”


10.30am-12 noon

£6/5 conc

and now there is …..

A new Meditation Drop in group! This will cover the following areas and will support you in changing your habitual patterns into creative new responses and understanding.

2 Aug – Why Meditate ? A beginner’s guide to secular mindfulness & meditation
9 AugResponding to Difficulties in Meditation & Mindfulness Practise
16 AugOvercoming Obstacles with Sky Like Mind
23 AugustEnhancing Positive Emotion & Self Nurturing Meditation
30 August – Self Compassion Meditation & Practise


Starts on Friday 2nd August from 10.30am to 12 noon


31 Potternewton Lane
Chapel Allerton

Now £6/5/3.50 conc.


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