Friends of Leeds Mindfulness


We have selected links to people/groups/businesses we have worked with, trained with and recommend.

Emma Roberts

Emma from Pause 4 Thought runs the positive vibes group at the Chemic Tavern and facilitates commercial and corporate mindfulness, positive psychology and spirituality workshops. Friendly, inclusive and deeply knowledgable, check out her groups.

Diane Mitchell

A wonderful transpersonal psychotherapist is promoting Leeds Mindfulness at her events. For information about her work check out.

Zeenat Cameron

Tantra and non dual saivism/mindfulness/healing practises and sadhanas

Shona Lowe

Founder of the tuesday Inkwell circle offers counselling and therapy. Highly ethical and sensitive.

John Mackie

Amazing holistic masseur and chinese physical culture expert

Giles Watts

Deeply experienced acupuncturist is at

Suzanne Shendery

Specialises in Corporate Mindfulness

07769 892376

Mandy Moran

Revitalise Therapies Massage & Reiki Practitioner – Mandy works with individuals and corporate clients.
Seated chair massage specialist 07806 778297 email

If you notice that any of this information is out of date or doesn’t work please email us.


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