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Leeds Mindfulness is a loose informal collaboration of secular and spiritually orientated mindfulness practitioners and facilitators/specialists in the Leeds area.

Our locations are always expanding, we currently offer courses, groups, workshops and retreats at easy to reach venues close to Leeds City in West Yorkshire, please see individual courses, groups and workshops for more information.

We intend a flexible and multi-layed approach, responding to the needs and interests of the varied people who come to our courses. Sometimes a secular pain management approach, such as Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, may be most appropriate; other times a historical grounding in the ancient Buddhist Four Foundations of Mindfulness; other times again drawing from the rich traditions of trusting the power of the heart to love and heal, found in Tibetan Mahamudra, Sufi Islam, Christian mysticism and Hindu devotional meditation. “Awareness and Kindness” are the two inseparable streams of healing which weave together our many-petalled circles of friendship and hope.


steve hart

Steve Hart, our organiser, has been meditating since 1983 and trained in Buddhist and Sufi meditative traditions since that time. Steve has trained with Leeds Mind and has taught mindfulness and positive emotion enhancement in Peer Support environments since 2008. He is a Dharmaholder (vision holder and teacher) in the socially-engaged Zen lineage of Roshi Bernie Glassman originating in Japanese Zen. He is a dervish in the Nur Ashki Jerrahi Sufi Order originating in Istanbul, in which he serves as a community organiser, and is a student in Christian mysticism and non-dual Shaivite practice.  One of Steve’s passions is in empowering people with mental health difficulties in mindfulness skills. Steve and other affiliated members of LMPEC hope to offer a wide variety of people tools that offer ways into pain reduction, healing, wholeness, integration, calm and tranquility


We offer concessions for individuals on low wages and benefits. Please contact us if you are unsure, we are always happy to advise on our classes, groups and events.

Occasionally we offer free events, please see our events page or contact us for more information.


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Leeds Mindfulness can refer you to courses, workshops and day retreats around different locations in the city, please contact us for more information.


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